Who we are

SBS Business

San Raffaele Business School(SBS) is the Business School of the Università Telematica San Raffaele. SBS promotes the development of professionals who can become leaders in the processes of change and innovation of society and the market.

The SBS is among the best European Business Schools, offers aa wide and diversified educational offerand, thanks to the collaboration with teachers of national and international business, is founded on the close link between teaching activities of excellence and applied research, encouraging critical thinking in order to meet the real needs of the reference entrepreneurship. It is a real opportunity to live the internationally recognized academic world, also because it is closely connected and functional and that of business.

SBS is internationally recognised for its high academic standards in teaching and research, its business-oriented mindset, and its commitment to internationalisation and sustainability.

The SBS is responsible for offering Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes with specialist fields identified in the field of economics and the organization and administration of health services, as well as executive courses after graduation, ensuring the choice between classroom, on-line and mixed training.

Address Economico-Sanitario

Designed to make new technologies available to healthcare, so as to rationalize the cost of providing services and improve patient care, aims to train Italian and foreign students from different professional environments, providing them with the skills for the cost-effective management of health organizations, developing a specific know-how that can be used in a wide range of professional opportunities.

Address of Management and Business Consulting

It has an imprint finalized to the specialized preparation relative to the business dynamics of operative and managerial nature. In fact, based on a systemic and strategic analysis of the company, the course focuses, in particular, on the managerial aspects of business creation and the opportunities for business growth related to innovation and the latest approaches to business management. This allows students to acquire all the necessary tools to fit into structured corporate realities. The European Commission’s Innovation Relay Centre, which has been set up by the European Commission’s Innovation and Innovation Relay Centers, has been set up by the European Commission.

Banking and finance

It offers a specific preparation on the functioning and dynamics of banking and financial business structures, providing students with the necessary legal and economic-financial knowledge in relation to the activities of banking and financial operators, not neglecting the international context and interaction between markets. This allows students a competitive approach to the larger banking, financial, or insurance realities.

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