At the beginning of each academic year, the student undertakes to pay the full amount of the university fees fixed by the University (in one solution or according to the breakdown in three instalments), through the methods indicated below. Please note that the student is also required to pay the Regional Tax for the Right to Study, to be paid directly to the collection body appointed by the Lazio Region.

Amount of tuition fees (academic year 2021/2022)

The compulsory single fee is € 2,500.00 per academic year.

There are special discounts for members of affiliated organizations (List of Conventions and Discounts)

The amount can be paid in a single solution at the time of registration/ registration, or installments according to the deadlines:

Euro 1.000,00 – first installment

Deadlines: upon registration/ registration for new members.

31 October 2021 for students enrolling in years following the first.

Euro 1.000,00 – second installment

Deadline: 30th April 2022

Euro 500, 00 – third installment

Deadline: 31st July 2022

Payment of tuition fees

Newly enrolled students:

The payment must be made through the appropriate MAV generated during online registration; the receipt of payment must then be entered in the online procedure.

Students who renew enrolment:

Enrolment in the academic years following the first one is automatically made with the balance of the first installment of the fees. The payment must be made through the appropriate MAV, available in the reserved web area.

The MAV Bulletin can be paid online and/or at any bank.

The student who intends to pay the entire tuition fee in a single solution must contact the Secretariat before starting the registration and/or printing procedures of the MAV.

The printing of the bulletin automatically activates the student’s debt position.

The late payment involves a late payment allowance of € 40.00 until 30 day after expiry and € 120.00 from 31 day after expiry.

To be admitted to the examinations of profit and the examination of degree, the student must be in compliance with the payment of fees and contributions provided. In case of closure of the career (degree, diploma, interruption of studies, transfer, renunciation of studies) any debt situation must be remedied for the entire academic year to which the student is enrolled.

Regional Tax for the Right to Study (Lazio Region)

Also for the 2021/2022 academic year, the mandatory regional tax for the Right to Education was set at € 140.00.

In order to make administrative action more effective and efficient and in line with the provisions of the “Digital Administration Code” (Article 5, Legislative Decree no. 82/2005), DiSCo has adopted the new Payment Form pagoPA, which innovates and facilitates payment methods to public administrations.
In light of the above, the student must proceed with the payment of the regional tax through the following link, which refers directly to the institutional website, for the payment of the Regional Tax for the Right to University Study in Lazio: http: //www.laziodisco. it / pagopa /

The fee must be paid upon enrollment / matriculation for newly enrolled students and upon payment of the first (or single) installment for students of the years following the first.


The amount of the degree fee is € 200.00 and the payment is completed with the completion of phase 2 of the graduation procedure.

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