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Registration procedure(we recommend printing this page or annotating these steps before proceeding)

Students interested in enrolling in master’s courses, advanced courses, advanced training courses or individual courses, must register at this link.

After registering please wait a few minutes for the System update before proceeding to login.
Once you have registered (or if you have already registered), you must login under Menu > Login.

To register you must prepare the following documentation and then enter it in the online procedure:

  1. Scan of the self-certification of the title of Diploma of Upper Secondary School (for advanced courses,courses of Higher Education and single courses) or self-certification of the degree title (for masters of I, II level and 24 CFU Course for Teaching);
  2. Scan a valid identification document (front/back);
  3. Scan the tax code (front/back);
  4. Only applicants for any economic benefits and only if provided for in the notice, must enter the pdf scan of the document proving membership of the affiliated entity. After entering the application for financial assistance you will have to wait for the change of the amount relating to the first instalment before making the payment, so that you can take advantage of the discount immediately;
  5. Privacy signed and scanned (for registration to all Courses and Masters except the Course of Improvement in Banking and Financial Law for which the PRIVACY in point 6 applies);
  6. Privacy signed and scanned only for enrolment in the Advanced Course in “Banking and Financial Law” – Finance Law Academy
  7. At the end of the procedure, print, sign and scan the application and insert it between the attachments.

L’ Università Telematica San Raffaele Roma (The Telematic University San Raffaele Rome) will confirm the registration by sending an e-mail.

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