The DDSA Service provides special support, tutoring and assistance to students with disabilities and students with Specific Learning Disorders (DSA).

Students with at least one of the following valid documents may use the Services provided by the University:

  • “Civil invalidity report” pursuant to art. 20 of Law no. 102 of 3 August 2009; 102;
  • “Handicap Assessment Report” pursuant to the Law of 5 February 1992 n.104;
  • Medical certification of temporary disability (e.g.: fracture of the arm);
  • Certification of Specific Learning Disorder (DSA) reporting at least one of the disorders provided for by the aforementioned Law 170/2010 – dyslexia, misfortune, disortography, dyscalculia – and the appropriate nosography codes.

In order to have access to the services and measures supporting the Right to Study:

  • The student with disabilities is required to produce appropriate medical documentation during the course of validity, drawn up on the basis of the classification models updated by the WHO.
  • The student with DSA is required to produce the diagnosis that must meet the criteria of the Consensus Conference (2011), report the nosography codes and the explicit wording of the DSA in question, and contain the information necessary to understand the individual characteristics of each student. Only the diagnoses issued by the structures of the SSN or by the bodies or professionals accredited by the Regions are valid. . As required by Law No. 170 of 2010 (Art. 3) and the subsequent Agreement State Regions of 24/7/2012, the diagnosis must be updated after 3 years if performed by the minor student; it is not mandatory that it is updated if performed after the age of 18. Year.
  • The student with temporary specific needs is required to produce appropriate health certification.


To access the teaching aids the student must submit to the Service the request for accreditation by filling in the FORM: ACCREDITATION OF THE DDSA SERVICE

The form duly completed and accompanied by the certifications issued by the competent health services must be sent to


Once the eligibility requirements have been verified, an accreditation badge will be issued to the Service, indicating the teaching aids to which the student is admitted, according to the law.

The badge must be presented by the student at each request for access to the Single Educational Support Service.


Delegate of the Rector for Disability: Prof.ssa Michela Montorsi

Administrative Service

The Service receives by appointment, in telematic mode (Zoom Platform) every Tuesday from 10.30 to 12.30.

To make an appointment book through the CALENDAR.


Welcome and Orientation at the entrance

The Specialized Tutoring Services offers individualized interviews to encourage the conscious choice of your university career. (Future freshmen)

The DDSA Service will also conduct a reception interview with the student to identify the types of support best suited to their needs, based on disability or specific learning disorder.

Access: Access by appointment through a special online platform.

TUESDAY FROM 10.30 TO 12.30

To make an appointment book through the CALENDAR.

Accompaniment in the classroom during exams and graduation sessions.

Students with limited mobility (permanent or temporary) should inform the DDSA Service to provide classroom assistance.

Request by email to the Service at least 10 days before the exam/graduation session in attendance.

Sending the Badge to

The Service provides email feedback within 3 business days.

Technological teaching aids

Students with disabilities and/or with DSA may request specific technological tools for the conduct of examinations. Braille bars, laptops, magnifying software, speech synthesis software and voice recorder are available. Requests will be accepted with reference to the number of technological tools available.

Sending the Badge to

The Service provides email feedback within 7 business days.

Use of Compensatory and Dispositive Instruments during examination tests

The requirements and types of teaching tools used are identified in art. 14 of the University Regulations “for the right to study of students with disabilities and/or disabilities and/or specific temporary needs – examination and examination procedures”.

How to access – Sending the Badge directly to the teacher in charge of the teaching for which the student has completed the registration. The request must be sent at least 10 days before the exam.


The Service for students with disabilities and DSA in collaboration with the Job Placement and Internship Sector, offers an integrated system of services aimed at accompanying the analysis of their aptitudes, motivation and skills in order to develop a professional project consistent with your studies and in relation to the evolution of the productive world, support in the active search for work and/ or the choice to continue in post-graduate training, providing operational strategies to enable them to fulfil their personal and professional objectives independently.

How to access – Send the Badge to the Job Placement Service

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