Center of European Law
and Finance

The Center of European Law and Finance (CELF) ( is a Center for Law and Finance, directed by Prof. Diego Rossano (Professore Ordinario di Diritto dell’economia presso l’Università degli Studi di Napoli “Parthenope”) (Full Professor of Economics Law at the University of Naples “Parthenope”) and chaired by Mr. Messina, that it has the objective to realize periodically normative, jurisprudential and doctrinal deepening’s in banking and financial within.


CELF’s main products include:

  • Weekly Newsletter, where the main regulatory and jurisprudential updates are included and which is sent by e-mail to over 5,000 contacts and shared on social media;
  • CELF Talks,informal meetings between the Mr. Messina and prestigious representatives of the Italian and foreign banking and financial world;
  • Legal Paper Club,a hub in which Position Papers are published, focus and study documents and in-depth analysis mainly on regulatory news of interest in the banking and financial world that explain the main impacts on the business world.
  • European Law and Finance Review,where authoritative authors share their contributions on European law and finance issues; and
  • Conferences and seminars, organized on the most interesting topics of the moment and in which space is given to the different comments of the main players in the market.


Documents, audiovisual contributions and, in general, all CELF products are disseminated in the following way:

  • Distributed to a mailing list of over 5,000 contacts;
  • Shared via major social media (LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter);
  • Made available on the dedicated website;
  • Visible on the dedicated YouTube channel.