Steering Committee

It supports the President in the programming and planning of strategic directions and the vision of the SBS, with particular attention to internationalization. It also coordinates all administrative and financial aspects of the School.

The members are representatives of the main national institutions and managers with proven experience in important and international companies and entities.

The composition of the Steering Committee is still being defined, as soon as the names of the members are available, they will be made public on this page.

Chairman: Giovanni Tria (Full Professor of Political Economy at the “Tor Vergata” University of Rome and former Minister of Economy and Finance).

Deputy Chairman: Patrizio Messina (Senior Partner Europe, Orrick).

Senior Partner Europe, Orrick

Patrizio Messina


Giovanni Tria

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee supports the Advisory Board in the implementation of the strategic guidelines of the SBS and coordinates the teaching and research activities of the individual study profiles. Within the framework of the business plan, it proposes proposals and projects for new academic programme offerings based on market demands and trends.

The Committee is chaired by Prof. Giovanni Tria, Full Professor of Political Economy at the ’Università degli Studi di Roma (University of Rome) “Tor Vergata” and former Minister of Economy and Finance.

Direttore Generale Università Telematica San Raffaele Roma

Andrea Proietti

Coordinatrice dell'indirizzo di studio Management e Consulenza aziendale

Federica Izzo

Coordinatore dell'indirizzo di studio Economico-sanitario

Federico Spandonaro


Giovanni Tria

Coordinatrice dell'indirizzo di studio Bancario-finanziario

Illa Sabatelli

Responsabile delle relazioni internazionali

Marco Boldini

Senior Partner Europe, Orrick

Patrizio Messina